The Nucleus Tags Plugin!


25 Jul 2007

The Tags Plugin Pack

Essential Steps

  • Install NP_tags
    • In Add and Edit Item screens you will now see a textbox for adding tags.
    • If you use normal URLs :
      • Make an empty new skin (Go to the Skins page. Use the New Skin in the bottom of that pageto create an empty new skin).
      • Let us assume you called this new skin tags.
      • Copy the Main Index part of the skin you use to display your blog and paste it into the Main Index part of this skin.
      • Replace the <blog(template,number)> in this skin with <tags(template,number)>.
      • Make a copy of your index.php (or whatever is your blog’s URL) in the root of your webserver. call it whatever you want. I would suggest tags.php.
        • Edit this file.
          • Change $CONF[‘Self’] to whatever you gave as the name for the file above i.e tags.php
          • Above selector(), put a selectSkin(skin_name)%>; line. The skin_name should be the same as the name of the skin above.
    • If you use Fancy URLs :
      • Copy the tags file in the zip file to the root of your webserver. This is the same place where you will find other Fancy URL files like item, blog etc.
      • Add a line in your .htaccess file for tags in a similar way you have done for item, blog etc.
  • Install NP_TagInfo
    • Go to options page
    • Change the option “Text used to be used while creating the normal URL :” to the whatever name you gave for the copy of index.php you created above. This is applicable only if you are using normal URLs.
    • If you don’t want the liquid tag display effect, then blank out the href option.
    • If you wan’t, then keep it as it is. Include the prototype.js file included in the zip in the head section of your skin.
    • In your skin, use <taginfo(number,min,max,random)> to show the tag cloud.
      • Number is the number of posts to pick the tags from.
      • Random can take 0 or 1.
        • If 0, will show most recent.
        • If 1, then will show a random collection of tags.
        • If the CacheLite is installed, it will automatically cache results. So random will work as random only every hour (depending on your cache lifetime) ;)
      • The min, max values should be in em.
      • An example will <taginfo(50,1,4,1)>
    • You can put <taginfo> in your template to show the tags for a particular item.
  • Install NP_ItemsInTag
    • Just installing is fine.
      • You can choose to include search results in your list as well. For this, use the option in the edit options page.

Recommended Steps

  • Install NP_CacheLite
    • Although this is not a necessary step, it is highly recommended. The TagInfo TagsCloud and the post listing with search results included are highly mysql intensive. Having a cache helps in reducing the server load and speeds up the page loading.
    • After install, go to the plugin options screen and set the cache lifetime. This is measured in seconds. I would suggest you leave this figure as it is. 3600 maps to one hour.
    • Go inside the plugins/cachelite folder and create a folder called tmp. Chmod this to 777.
    • Thats it. The other plugins will automatically use this cache now onwards.
  • Install NP_AutoComplete
    • Again, though not necessary, highly recommended.
      • There is an option available whereby you can control the number of items the plugin will hold in memory. 50 is a good number.
    • Go to your add item / edit item screen and start typing in the tags box.


  • Install NP_AutoTag
    • Just installing is enough. Not fully done. Might not catch all the links.
  • Install NP_ImagesInTag * Just installing is enough. Not fully done. Might not catch all the posts with images.
    • Go to your (if you are using Fancy URLs).
    • Else go to your (if you are using normal URLs).

NP_ChangeTemplate 18 May 2005

Solves the problem

Needs core changes

NP_Flickr 18 May 2005

Imports posts from flickr into your website.

Works with or without the tagging plugin. If the tagging plugin is present, it posts the tags as well.

NP_TagAlias 18 May 2005

It solves the mobile OR cell phone problem. Allows the user to define aliases for tags so that the end user gets the same answer for either the mobile or cell phone tag ..

Can be single directional or bi – directional .. All americans are north americans but not the other way around ..

Working for single level tags. Problems in multiple levels due to recursion.

NP_Delicious 18 May 2005

Imports posts from delicious into your website.

Works with or without the tagging plugin. If the tagging plugin is present, it posts the tags as well.

NP_RelatedInTag 18 May 2005

Shows related items (items from the same tag).

Currently works only for items (default output handler). Need to extend for other output handlers ..

Add Tags Import Export Support NP_BlogIE ? 20 May 2005


Have send mail to ged on this.